Car Diagnostics in Ely with Westmoor Country Garage

We have invested in the latest diagnostic equipment that allows us to diagnose and service faults on the majority of the cars on the UK’s roads

Have you got a warning light or message on your dashboard? Then come to Westmoor Country Garage in Littleport, Ely, Cambridgeshire where we have fully qualified and experienced technicians who can offer advice on your vehicle ensuring that small problems don’t turn into big ones.
Engine Control Units or ECUs are fitted to most modern vehicles to monitor and manage a number of electronic systems that keep your vehicle running at optimal performance. A fault may occur within any of these systems creating a code that is stored within the associated ECU. At Westmoor Country Garage in Littleport we then use these in conjunction with their equipment to diagnose any faulty components and resolve the problem.
What is often forgotten is that when a component is replaced the ECU needs to be re-coded to tell it that there is a new component fitted.
Mechanic stuyding a computer screen - Car Diagnostics Ely

At Westmoor Country Garage we can perform the following diagnostics services on your vehicle

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