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Are you experiencing difficulties starting your engine? Has your engine performance deteriorated and is also consuming more fuel? In many cases a build of carbon in the engine can cause these adverse effects, fortunately carbon cleaning technology has developed substantially allowing for full renovation of carbon-caked engines.
Using the latest Hy-Carbon technology we are able to offer thorough cleaning, removing soot deposits within the cylinders, pistons, particle filters, EGR valves and turbos. If left unchecked, these carbon build ups will form within the moving parts of the engine, reducing the efficiency of the engine and eventually causing parts to seize up.
Our DPF cleaning uses a hydrogen based gas, meaning no corrosive chemicals will be flushed through the engine. As this gas passes through the engine the carbon deposits are dissolved and deposited as exhaust fumes.
Carbon Cleaning Machine - Carbon Cleaning Ely

You may need a DPF clean if:

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